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The Sportzone Hockey League Manager has been developed with league administrators in mind. The key to its success is the easy to use interfaces for each of the numerous functions that are available for use by the league admin. Each function that is added is aimed to decrease the workload of the administrator and free up time that can be better spent elsewhere.

The Hockey League Manager allows administrators to:

    • Post Schedule Games for all to see.
    • Assign Referees to games.
    • Assign Timekeepers to games.
    • Post game results, using Sportzone's own "EZSubmit Stats Entry System" which automatically calculates:
      • League Stats
      • Team Stats
      • Individual Player Stats
    • Post front page notices.
    • Easily create and manage league webpages.
    • Post and Track suspensions.
    • Manage a public forum.
    • Set up and maintain your own mailing list.
    • Post important dates on the event calendar.
    • Set up user polls to find out what your members are thinking.
    • Manage advertising campaigns to help make your organization more profitable.

 Added Functionality for Team Reps
The Hockey league Manager also allows administrators to assign passwords for team reps to login to their team's area and perform functions to help manage their teams like:

    • Edit Roster details (all changes are logged for administrators to review) 
      • Player name corrections.
      • Player Position changes.
      • Player personal details and comments.
      • Upload Player Photos 
    • Print scoresheet labels.
    • Post Team News - which is displayed in team's section for players to read.
    • Track Player Fees - Who's paid and who hasn't, and how much.
    • View and Print team contact list.


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