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Let the Hockey League Manager decrease unnecessary amounts of work through increased communication. By using the Sportzone Website Manager communication lines are constantly open between you and your members.

Here's how your organization will use the Sportzone Website Manager to increase communication:

  1. FRONT PAGE NEWS - Administrators can post front page page news articles which are viewed immediately when a visitor comes to the website. Items like rule reminders, important notices, fee collection reminders, schedule changes, etc.
  2. WEB PAGES - Create and manage customized webpages effortlessly using our online editor that requires no programming experience to use. Any variety of information can be posted to your website. And there are no limits to the amount of pages you can create. Some examples would be League Minutes, Board members information, Special Events, absolutely anything!
  3. GAME & PRACTICE SCHEDULING - Easily post your league's schedule to the website for all to see immediately. Arena location information as well is available for the players' convenience. Players always have access to their schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. REFEREE & TIMEKEEPER SCHEDULING - If your league manages its own officials, the Sportzone Website Manager allows for them to be assigned to scheduled games. Once you have the schedule ready, with a click of a button, a copy of each official's personal schedule of games is emailed to them.
  5. CONTACT INFORMATION - Team rep and league contact information is always available allowing for easy communication within the league.
  6. PUBLIC FORUM - Each league has its own public forum for players and visitors to post comments and reply to others creating a community within your league.
  7. SUSPENSIONS PAGE - An easy to use suspension notice section is provided to make available information which league members will find useful to monitor disciplinary actions.
  8. TEAM NEWS - Team reps, if allowed by the league administrator, can post individual news notes for their respective team members to view in their own team's section.
  9. ROSTER EDITING - Team reps, if allowed by the league administrator, can edit player names, numbers, and position information. By allowing this, administrators can save time and at the same time ensure correct information is always posted on the site. All changes are logged for the league admin to review if necessary.
  10. NEWSLETTER - You can set up an opt in mailing list for your members that will allow you to collect emails of interested visitors and send out group emails with important information, special events, and other notices. This is all done effortlessly through the online administration area.
  11. ONLINE POLLS - Easily set up online surveys to find out what your members are thinking and get valuable feedback from them.
  12. EVENT CALENDAR - Keep members informed about special events and mark important dates on your website's event calendar for easy reference by all visitors.


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